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Top 10 Amsterdam Foods: Dutch Delights

Top 10 Amsterdam Foods and Secrets. In this video we show you the best Amsterdam Food and Amsterdam Food secrets that you should check out when you visit Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a selection of Amsterdam Street Food, Dutch Food, food vending machines and amazing places to eat in Amsterdam. Some of the best places to eat in Amsterdam are included in the video. This is your most comprehensive Amsterdam food tour.

1. Best apple pie in Amsterdam

The best apple pie in Amsterdam can be found at Winkel in the Jordaan (Noordermarkt 43).

Amsterdam Foods Apple Pie

2. Fish stalls and herring (haring)

Fresh haring from traditional Amsterdam outdoor fish stalls.

Amsterddam Foods Herring (Haring)

3. Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels available fresh from the various outdoor markets in Amsterdam or pre-packaged from any grocery store.

Amsterdam Foods Stroopwafel

4. Best Cookie in Amsterdam

The best cookie in Amsterdam can be found at Van Stapele in de negen straatjes.

Amsterdam Foods Best Cookie 2

5. Febo

Febo, or food in the wall is an interesting experience. Surprisingly the food is rather tasty.

Amsterdam Foods Febo

6. Best Pancake in Amsterdam

The best pancake in Amsterdam can be found at The Pancake Factory (Prinsengracht 191).

Amsterdam Foods Pancake Bakery

7. Best Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

Our best coffee shop in Amsterdam is Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters on the Kinkerstraat in Oud-West.

Amsterdam Foods Lot 61

8. Best Cheese Tosti in Amsterdam

The best cheese tosti in Amsterdam can be found in the Food Hallen (food hall) in Amsterdam Oud-West from cheese maker Caulils Kaas.

Amsterdam Foods Best Tostie

9. Bitterballen

Bitterballen variety at De BallenBar in the Food Hallen (food hall) in Amsterdam Oud-West.

Amsterdam Foods Bitterballen

10. Best fries in Amsterdam

Best fries in Amsterdam from Cafe Par Hasard located at Ceintuurbaan 113.


So the next time you are out and about in Amsterdam try some of these delicious Dutch treats and let us know what you thought of them.

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