Red Light District Secrets

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Discover the Secrets of the Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District Secrets

Red Light District Secrets Statue in honor of prostitutes
Statue of Prostitution

The Amsterdam Red Light District contains many secrets. Obviously there are the infamous sex shops, drugs and prostitution on offer. For locals in the know, there are a myriad of hidden secrets and offerings.

Red Light District Secrets Video

Discover some of my favourite ones in the below video:

Best Chocolate Shop in Amsterdam

For another Red Light District secret, think chocolate. While opinions may vary, my favourite chocolate shop in Amsterdam is the Metropolitan (

Red Light District Secrets Free cacao sniffing station
Cacao Sniffing at Metropolitan

There are two main reasons to love this place. One is that it has one of the best hot chocolates that I have ever had. Two there are a number of interactive items like the  chocolate wall and a free cocoa sniffing station.

Red Light District Secrets Thick and creamy with a little chilli
Best hot chocolate in Amsterdam

There is a reason why this is one of the best hot chocolates in Amsterdam. It rich and creamy, is not too sweet and has a hint of chilli. You won’t regret this indulgence.

Red Light District Secrets Write your name in chocolate
Chocolate wall

This is your chance to write you name in chocolate. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven.

Red Light District Secrets Condomerie


There is a shop specialising in a selection of Condoms called the Condomerie ( As titillating as this sounds it is rather clinical. It’s certainly worth a visit for the sheer novelty and variety of condoms on offer. The mind boggles.

Narrowest street in Amsterdam

This one is a Red Light District Secret due to many people walking this street without being aware that it is special. Trompettersteeg is Amsterdam’s narrowest street and is lined by shops and windows.

Red Light District Secrets Narrowest street in Amsterdam
Trompettersteeg, Amsterdam

One of the shops is the Proud Otter ( which sells a variety of products and great coffee.

Red Light District Secrets

I found it quaint and welcoming and a nice reprieve from the chaos of the narrow street.

Red Light District Windows
Red Light District Windows

Museum of Prostitution

Red Light District Secrets

Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution ( is a relatively new museum in Amsterdam and is a perfect way to experience the Red Light District Secrets in a safe and informative way.

Red Light District Secrets Unknown Sculpture

There is an interesting work of art on the street near the Oudekerk. It is a bronze sculpture, by an unknown artist, of a hand caressing a breast. It first appeared in 1993.

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