Kerala People – Meet the Amazing People of Kerala

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Kerala People: Meet the Amazing Kerala People

Kerala is the South Western province of India. Kerala people speak the Malayalam language and are a heterogeneous group of people who have distinctive cultural and religious traditions.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about India are the people they are so warm, friendly and hospitable and they are always so keen to be on camera.

Let me show you what I mean. Here we go:

During my two weeks visit in Kerala as part of the Kerala Blog Express ,I was able to travel through most of Kerala and discover the joys of the Kerala People. Kerala People are amazing and I foundd out that I love their music, traditions (Kathakali), personalities and laughter.

Kerala People 1

And it wasnt only me that thought that Kerala people were wonderful:

Pedro Richardson from “Kerala people they are beautiful and they are extremely pleasant. They’re very open to talk to people, to get to know you. They’re very curious about us.”

Kerala People 2

Zuzanna Chmielewska from “Children are amazing. They really don’t mind anything and they will be happy to pose and see what’s on your photo. But generally in India what I like is that, besides the happiness, they still really stick to the culture.”

Kerala People 3

We’re on the Back Waters and everyone is standing and waving at us. People are so friendly. It’s so nice. It makes you remeber the simpler things in life are free, like a smile or a laugh.

Kerala People 6

I must thank the Kerala Blog Express for avording me this great opportunity, this experience has left a life long impression on my heart.

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